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Consultants: Litigation Support

Expert witness marketing expert and founder of Expert Communications.
Providing business process outsourcing solutions including medical record review support services.
Legal nurse, applying hospital, long term care, clinical and administrative experience for medical malpractice, negligence, and personal injury cases.
Legal nurse services including medical records review, comprehensive reports, standards of care, deposition and trial testimony for legal cases.
Offering a wide variety of services for the legal profession, including video analysis and enhancement, image processing, and exhibit preparation.
Providing graphics and animation for litigation and forensic matters, biotechnology, architecture, and the entertainment and education industries.
Providing referrals to a large network of medical expert witnesses throughout the United States.
Services for medical records review, analysis and summaries, nursing standard of care and negligence, medical research and litigation support.
Offering expert witness services for credit-related litigation, as well as referrals to other experts.
Providing board-certified physicians and surgeons practicing at the professorial level at leading teaching hospitals for case review and testimony.