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Government: Lawyer Directory

Focusing on personal injury cases and consumer matters, including insurance claim denials, debt and credit-related matters. Atlanta, Georgia.
Government contracts attorney for large corporations, and for medium- and small-sized businesses with established revenue.
Services for civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, hunting, fishing and wildlife law, and military justice. Denver, Colorado.
Providing representation for criminal charges and court martial defense, from offices in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Criminal defense services for misdemeanor and felony charges, local government law, and business and estate planning, from offices in Akron.
Representing clients for injury, employment law, workers' comp, veterans' benefits, and Social Security Disability matters. Memphis, Tennessee.
Assisting clients with employment, workers' compensation and disability claims, from offices in Cleveland, Ohio.
Providing defense services to servicemembers facing administrative discipline, courts martial and criminal prosecution. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Focusing on real estate, land use, government affairs and municipal law, from offices in Providence, Rhode Island.
Services for criminal defense, personal injury, FELA claims, estate planning and Social Security matters, from offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.