Business Law

Tips for people who are considering investing in a franchise, and for choosing between franchise opportunities.

Factors to consider before expanding your business directly or through franchising, and how to determine when your business is ready for expansion.

What are the various types of bad checks, and how can you get payment after a check is dishonored.

Don't agree to contract terms that allow your clients or customers to avoid paying you based upon future events that may never occur.

How to obtain a guaranty to increase the likelihood of collecting money owed to you if a debtor falls behind on payments or defaults.

How the five C's of credit -- character, collateral, capacity, capital and conditions -- can help you avoid risk when extending credit.

If you are trying to collect a debt or get payment on a delinquent account, professionals may be of assistance.

Why business owners need succession plans in place to protect themselves, their businesses and their successors.

What to consider when drafting a distributor agreement, and what to include in your agreement.

Building value into agreements between distributors and manufacturers representatives.

What are the most common forms for a business entity, including partnerships, corporations and LLCs and factors affecting how businesses choose an appropriate legal structure.

Describing the corporation as a business entity, and the advantages that may be gained by incorporating a business.

When stockholders can be personally responsible for corporate liabilities.

When to incorporate your business as an S Corporation and its advantages and disadvantages as compared to other business entites.

When to incorporate your business as a C Corporation.

How the limited liability company works as a business entity and when it is an appropriate choice for your business.

Issues to consider before incorporating your business.

The benefits and risks of operating a business as an unincorporated sole proprietorship, and when to consider incorporating your business.

A customizable form that can be used to create a promissory note.

What constitutes fraud, when can you sue somebody for acts of fraud or misrepresentation and what do you have to prove in court to win a fraud lawsuit.

Factors to consider when choosing where to incorporate your business, why many businesses should incorporate in the state where they do business, and the relative advantages of incorporating in...

Advantages and disadvantages of a partnership as a business entity.

The essential steps you must take to incorporate your business.

Explaining the nature, purpose and use of various types of letters of credit.

Suggestions for developing agreements between distributors and manufacturers representatives.

Explaining the meaning and significance of important language and provisions often included in contracts.

What is the statute of frauds, how does it affect the enforceability of oral contracts, and when can a contract be enforced despite falling under the statute of frauds.

The elements of a valid contract, and issues pertaining to the validity and enforceability of oral contracts.

Detailing the elements of a promissory note and potential pitfalls that may be encountered by the parties to a note.

The benefit of automatic contract renewal for manufacturers' representatives.