Employment and Labor Law

What is a non-compete agreement, when can you be required to sign a non-compete agreement, and will the agreement be enforceable in court.

What are your rights if you accept an offer of employment and later discover that the job title, duties or salary have been changed.

Does the Americans with Disabilities Act protect against employment discrimination based on color-blindness.

Legal protections against wrongful termination available to at-will employees.

Legal protections against workplace sexual harassment, and the legal rights and remedies of workers who have been sexually harassed.

What protections do employees have against sex and gender discrimination in the workplace, and what can they do if they experience sex discrimination?

What is racial discrimination and what legal protections are available to employees who experience racial discrimination at work.

When does the Americans with Disabilities Act apply to an employment relationship, and what employee rights and employer duties arise from the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Defining age discrimination and describing legal protections for older workers.

Laws governing employment of children and teenagers.

Protecting business judgment while also allowing plaintiffs to prove pretext in employment discrimination cases.

Protecting the mentally ill from workplace discrimination.

An introduction to federal "whistle blower" litigation.