Personal Injury and Torts

What is a catastrophic injury, how catastrophic injuries differ from other forms of personal injury, and compensation for people who have been severely injured through the carelessness or wrongful...

How human factors should be considered in the cause and prevention of accidents, and how human factors and ergonomics can be applied to improve systems and product safety.

What is medical malpractice, when can a medical malpractice claim be made against a healthcare provider, and how to prove that malpractice occurred.

Introducing the important concepts of product liability law, and when the manufacturer, distributor or seller of a defective or dangerous product may be liable for injuries caused the product.

What constitutes malpractice, or professional negligence, and when can a professional such as a doctor, lawyer or accountant be held liable for mistakes that injury a client or patient.

What is false imprisonment, or unlawful detention, and what are a person's rights and remedies if they are unlawfully detained or imprisoned by another person or by the government.

When is a bar, tavern, restaurant or liquor store liable for serving alcohol to a customer who later causes injuries to others in a drunk driving accident.

What is social host liability for the service of alcohol to guests at a private residence, and what are the possible legal consequences of serving alcohol to minors or intoxicated guests.

Today’s leading personal injury attorneys are experts in utilizing demonstrative evidence; plaintiffs should ask potential lawyers about how they plan to incorporate such evidence to win their...

What legal remedies are available to people who have been injured through exposure to dangerous or toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and what is a toxic tort.

When a person is injured in a slip or trip and fall accident, who is liable for their injuries, how is fault proved, and what damages can be recovered.

Common hazards present in residential stairways, platforms and ramps that contribute to falls.

How do wrongful death claims work, and how do family members recover damages following the wrongful death of a close relative.

What to do if you are exposed to pesticides, and when can a personal injury case be brought for pesticide exposure.

When is a person liable for damages resulting from an intentional tort, an intentionally caused injury.

When might a person be able to bring a defamation case based upon media coverage of a high profile incident or criminal case?

Why aviation accidents occur and how safety may be improved in the charter flight industry.

How to protect your legal rights and recover compensation after a brain injury, damages recoverable in brain injury cases, and when you should seek help from an injury lawyer.

What are your rights and legal remedies if you're served contaminated food at a restaurant, resulting in food poisoning or other injury.

When might a landlord or property manager become liable for an injury that occurs on its premises, and how to mitigate risks and the chance of a lawsuit.

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