Property Law

How is an easement created, what does it mean to possess or benefit from an easement, and what rights do you get if somebody grants you an easement.

Issues involved with assessing and repairing damages following a house fire.

With legal protections offered to tenants for service animals and emotional support animals, should landlords reconsider 'no pets' rules.

What a tenant should do after finding mold in a rental unit.

When an unmarried couple breaks up, is it legal for one partner to lock the other out of a home, and what are the legal rights of the partner who is locked out?

The types of deed most commonly used in the sale or conveyance of real estate.

Tips for avoiding problems when using a home inspector for a real estate purchase.

Steps and tips for landlords who wish to evict problem tenants.

Introducing the law by which the government can appropriate private property.

What is adverse possession and how can somebody use adverse possession to gain legal ownership of land that

How a property boundary line can change through acquiescence.

How to avoid problems with your landlord by exercising care before moving into a new rental property, and by documenting the condition of the property when moving out.

Steps and tips for tenants who are facing eviction.

Why most tenants will benefit from carrying renters insurance, and why they can't count on a landlord or roommate's insurance to cover their losses.

Basic rights of California home purchasers.

Common legal and practical issues faced by people who are purchasing a home.