Michigan Legal Research Resources

The following resources may be of use to individuals who need a lawyer, are eligible for free legal advice from Legal Aid organizations or advocacy groups, are researching points of Michigan law, or are looking for free legal forms or articles on specific legal subjects. Most of these resources are regularly used by lawyers.

Sources of Legal Help

Michigan Case Law

Michigan Laws and Codes

  • Michigan Compiled Laws - From the Michigan State Legislature. Search by keyword or statute number, or browse by subject and Act. Includes legislative analysis of past and present litigation.

  • Michigan Administrative Code - Regulations governing state agencies, from Michigan's Office of Regulatory Reform.

  • Michigan Court Rules - Rules issued by the state Supreme Court, regulating how litigation is conducted within the court system.

  • Attorney General Opinions - Interpretations of Michigan laws from the Attorney General's office. Fully searchable. Until such time as a court issues a different interpretation, these opinions are binding on state agencies.

  • Executive Orders - Directives from the governor's office, regulating the conduct of state agencies.

Michigan Jury Instructions

  • Model Civil Jury Instructions - Instructions approved by the Committee on Model Civil Jury Instructions, which are used to instruct juries at the start and conclusion of litigation.

Legal Organizations

  • State Bar of Michigan - All Michigan attorneys must be members of the State Bar. The State Bar website includes many resources, including legal news, directories, case law, and resources for the public.

  • Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) - The leading provider of Michigan-specific continuing legal education (CLE) and legal publications for legal professionals. The site also includes research links and resources.

  • State Appellate Defender's Office - This organization provides appointed appellate assistance to a significant number of individuals convicted of criminal offenses. Site also includes legal information and resources for trial and appellate defense attorneys in criminal cases.

  • Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan - Information about the organization and its members.

  • Michigan Department of Health & Human Services - The state agency charged with overseeing the investigation and care of abused and neglected children. Site includes materials on the proper handling of investigations, and Michigan legal precedents.

Lawyer Discipline

  • Attorney Grievance Commission - Reviewing and investigating complaints of misconduct by lawyers, and rendering disciplinary action against those found to have violated their duties to their clients.

  • Attorney Discipline Board - Information about the board, and an alphabetical directory of all attorneys who have public records of disciplinary action.

  • Judicial Tenure Commission - Investigating and resolving complaints about Michigan judges.

Michigan Courts

Michigan Legal Forms

  • SCAO Approved Court Forms - Free legal forms approved by the State Court Administrative Office, downloadable in PDF format.

  • Corporate Forms - Forms for Michigan businesses and corporations, from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

  • Income Tax Forms - From the Department of Treasury.

Additional Resources

  • Ethics Opinions - Formal and informal ethics rulings governing the conduct of lawyers.

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