Contract Law

Once you enter into a contract, you may discover that the deal was not as good as you thought, or feel tricked or cheated by the other party. How can you terminate a contract and get a refund, or...

What is a non-compete agreement, when can you be required to sign a non-compete agreement, and will the agreement be enforceable in court.

Why project owners should consider an Owner-Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP).

Tips for people who are considering investing in a franchise, and for choosing between franchise opportunities.

Factors to consider before expanding your business directly or through franchising, and how to determine when your business is ready for expansion.

Don't agree to contract terms that allow your clients or customers to avoid paying you based upon future events that may never occur.

Building value into agreements between distributors and manufacturers representatives.

A formal contract for litigation consultants, which can be modified to suit your needs.

Creating a contract for consulting services through a less formal agreement than a standard contract.

Suggestions for developing agreements between distributors and manufacturers representatives.

Avoiding lopsided terms to facilitate development of long-term relationships.

How Guaranteed Maximum Contracts can help minimize risk, avoid claims and integrate diverse interests.

How the regular involvement of a CPA can help businesses avoid legal and financial difficulties.