Criminal Charges

What conduct may cause a person to be charged with the crimes of assault or battery, and what is aggravated battery.

What are the crimes of sexual assault and rape, and what happens in a criminal prosecution for a sexual assault case.

How do pre-prosecution diversion programs work, what are the benefits of diversion, and who qualifies for pretrial diversion.

Getting arrested for a domestic violence case in Colorado can affect various aspects of your life like getting a job, renting a house, getting a license for the gun etc. Learn how.

Explaining felony criminal offenses, the consequences of conviction, and how felonies differ from misdemeanor offenses.

Defining misdemeanor criminal charges and their consequences, and what is meant by a misdemeanor class or level.

How drugged driving charges differ from alcohol-related impaired driving charges, the problems that the laws may create for people who are lawfully taking prescription drugs, and common defenses...

Explaining the crimes of petty larceny (petty theft) and grand larceny (grand theft) and what to do if you're charged.

Laws that reduce or eliminate statutory rape penalties for young people who are close in age.

Why it can be difficult to recover damages from somebody who causes injury while committing a criminal offense, when recovery of damages may be possible, and other potential sources of...

Commonly used terms, roadside sobriety tests, and breathalyzer technology.

Tips for people arrested for drunk and impaired driving offenses.

What happens during a drunk or impaired driving traffic stop and investigation.

Describing typical charges in a drunk, drugged, or impaired driving case.

An introduction to impaired and drunk driving offenses.

Common defenses that may be presented against a drunk or impaired driving charge, and how they work.

How a criminal prosecution begins and what happens during later court proceedings.

How criminal charges are determined and the classification of crimes.

How are criminal charges filed and what happens during a criminal prosecution.