Child Custody

What do the terms "sole legal custody" and “sole physical custody" mean in a South Carolina family law case.

Is it legal for opposite-sex siblings to share a bedroom, and will it matter in a custody case.

What is meant by child custody, including legal, physical, sole and joint custody.

What happens when a parent wants to move to another home or state, before or after a custody order has been issued.

What are the factors that cause a court to award physical custody to one parent, or to modify a custody order.

Why it's usually a bad idea to secretly record your ex- in the hope of gaining an advantage in custody litigation.

How parents can more effectively communicate about their children, particularly in high conflict situations.

How cooperative co-parenting and communication can help parents create custody schedules and consistency that will help their children.

What to do when the other parent is inconsistent or doesn't show up for child visitation.

Issues in child custody negotiations and litigation involving adolescent children and older teens.

Factors that may affect a child's custodial preference, and how that preference may be treated in court.

How a child custody evaluation is performed, who performs the evaluation, what happens during the evaluation, and what information is returned to the court.

Tips to help parents prepare for a court-ordered child custody evaluation.

It's difficult for children when their parents' relationships end, but you can make it easier for them. Here are some tips for divorced and separated parents.

Laws and legal proceedings affecting family relationships, including domestic partnerships, marriage, separation, divorce and child custody.

Tips to help you save money while hiring a divorce lawyer.

Tips for people who are planning to divorce without the cost of legal representation, and where they can find help and resources without hiring a lawyer.

The importance of sparing children unnecessary emotional pain following the end of their parents' relationship.

How the actions of parents can alienate children from the other parent following separation or divorce.

Practical and legal issues in leaving children at home without supervision.

How do family courts address common issues in child custody litigation.

The origins and role of the father's rights movement for child custody cases.